15 Blogs That Can Give Your Tech Startup Press Coverage

Getting your tech startup covered in press isn’t easy. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most valuable activities which provides your endeavor with links and mentions it needs so badly, especially during its early days. Many people understand this importance, yet, they go the passive way and start with press releases in hope that their news gets on the radar of industry journalists.

But how about looking for press mentions actively? Manual search for coverage opportunities is what you need to reach out to new audiences and put your startup on the tech radar. In an ideal world, a PR agency would do it for you… if you could afford it. But since you’re a startup, every cent matters.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 15 blogs that can give you tech startup coverage. But before you rush into scrutinizing the list we’d like to remind you that, in many cases, it is not the news outlets who write about you, it’s individual reporters that do. So, our primary advice would be for you to outreach a journalist, not a blog, if possible. To this end, we also spiced the list up with the most suitable writers covering startups at these hubs.

For your convenience, we put the blogs in alphabetical order and also provided some of their social metrics. Here they are!

1. Cointelegraph

If your startup is about fintech, cryptocurrency, or blockchain, then Cointelegraph is one of the best spots to place your press release or op-ed. Cointelegraph is a huge news hub that covers major events of the tech and startup world, including AI, VR, nanotech, quantum computing, and more. It is extremely popular in the global crypto community — the number of Facebook and Twitter followers exceeds  1.6 million, and the platform itself receives impressive 15.4M visits daily.

Once you decide to submit your pitch to Cointelegraph, drop them a note at [email protected], describing your idea in the letter. Or you can reach out to an editor responsible for your region or business niche.

2. Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine is an excellent blog that provides information resources, which are of great use to business owners. Notably, the hub delivers occasional startup coverage and does a nice job in profiling beginning entrepreneurs. The number of Inc. Magazine’s social media subscribers on Facebook and Twitter hits way over 2.8 million. Though the blog’s audience is quite sundry, Inc. Magazine claims that 78% of its readers are decisions makers and, thus, is the resource you’d rather get promoted at.

If you’re looking for a focal point within this hub, contact Burt Helm. Burt is an Editor at Large for Inc. Magazine who has a flair for providing great startup coverage and might help you out.

3. Hackernoon

Hackernoon is a true community of geeky tech writers, readers, coders, and startup owners. This hub features tones of useful tech content, both original or republished. So it’s a nice way for you to share the articles that you have published in your blog before. The number of Hackernoon’s total followers on Facebook and Twitter is about 100K, still, the number of monthly website visits is far more impressive and hits 2.9M.

If you’re going to write for Hackernoon, you need to create an account, set up your profile, and check the editorial guidelines. Yes, that is. Keep in mind that Hackernoon is more about useful content than direct advertising, so make sure you don’t push your precious startup too hard.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is a famous software developer and marketer, and their five blog sections receive more than 11.2M visits every month. This makes HubSpot a great place to pitch your article there, as your startup needs to be noticed. The number of HubSpot followers on Facebook and Twitter is about 3M, and the blog readers come from various business areas.

Note that HubSpot only accepts the original guest posts on the topics not covered on the platform before. So you’ll need deep research to pick the right topic. Read their guest posting guidelines carefully — make sure you don’t get too promotional and deliver valuable content. After you write your post, send it as a Google Doc to [email protected]. Or you can reach out to Jacob Cohen who’s an Editorial Ops of the Hustle — HubSpot’s blog branch covering the latest tech news.

5. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is one of the most popular blogs on software and web services updates. The hub frequently delivers exceptional startup reviews and successfully reaches out to its immense audience. The number of Lifehacker followers on Facebook and Twitter is more than 4 million. Moreover, Lifehacker is prominent for republishing relevant articles from other startup and tech blogs. So another tip of ours would be for you to write an article on your blog which would be a perfect match for Lifehacker.

If you’re desperate about getting featured at this resource, try contacting Jake Peterson, Lifehacker’s Senior Technology Editor. Or write your guest post idea at [email protected].

6. Mashable

Mashable is a highly successful and commonly known blog covering the tech industry in a newsworthy format. The latter includes digital media, internet culture, tech novelties, and broad startup coverage. Unfortunately, there’s no info available as to the number of decision-makers that read Mashable. However, with nearly 8 million fans on Facebook and Twitter, Mashable’s publications generate the social buzz that you simply can’t ignore.

If you’re keen on being covered at Mashable, consider connecting with Rachel Kraus. Rachel is a Tech reporter at Mashable, where she covers startups, marketing, and the latest consumer tech trends.

7. Quartz

Quartz is a news outlet that delivers unique and inspiring content by reporting on disruptors and startups that make big waves. The resource has over 2,5M followers on Facebook and Twitter and a whopping figure of around five million unique visitors a month. Quartz says that it is followed by many business executives which makes the hub a must-consider when deciding on where to get mentioned.

If you’re looking to get your startup covered there, go to the Staff section and contact the editor of the section your business belongs to in person.

8. ReadWrite

ReadWrite is also a very popular and widely read tech news hub. The resource provides web technology news, reviews, and analysis as well as occasional startup coverage. ReadWrite has a highly influential fan base of over 1,5 million fans on Facebook and Twitter. Notably, a large portion of the hub’s readership comprises executives, decision-makers, and thought leaders in the web and media industry.

If you’re eager to get mentioned at ReadWrite, you can submit a guest post proposal at their website. Check the contributor guidelines to see if your topic is of the platform’s focus (in most cases it will be).

9. Recode (Vox Media)

Recode — a regular tech column of Vox Media — is a preeminent tech, media, and business column covering and explaining the changes of the tech and digital world. The blog is a recognized authoritative source of tech startup reviews and provides great press coverage of innovative ideas, projects, and gadgets. The resource’s audience is extremely diverse. With over 370,606 fans on Facebook and Twitter, Recode is one of the most influential platforms where you can pitch your article or press release.

If you’re eager to get your endeavor covered at Recode, you first need to check the Vox editorial guidelines. Then use a contact form to briefly describe your idea and leave your contact data so the editors can write you back. Or you can try contacting Peter Kafka, Recode’s Executive editor, via [email protected].

10. StartUp Beat

StartUp Beat is a blog that covers the most innovative pioneering startups as well as funding and investment news through the delivery of company pitches, interviews, and guest columns by experts in entrepreneurship from across the world. Though the resource’s fan base in social media is pretty shallow, StartUp Beat receives a good deal of daily unique visitors and might turn out to be just the place for your startup to reach out to new audiences. Moreover, StartUp Beat is likely to be more willing to accept your pitch than any of the industry moguls.

Before you’re going to pitch your startup there, make sure it corresponds with what the platform considers an early-stage startup.

11. StartupNation

StartupNation is a blog that offers tons of articles on startup business, which can help you launch and grow your startup and bring it to success. StartupNation is mainly aimed at helpful, not advertising materials. Still, if you feel like your content is educationally valuable, you can try pitching it there. Anyway, don’t overdo with ads. StartupNation has totally near 24K followers on Facebook and Twitter, which may seem not much, still the community is pretty active. Moreover, your article has more chances to be noticed.

To contribute to StartupNation, check their editorial policy and send a summary of your pitch via their contact form or try to reach Ric Bohy who’s an Editor-in-Chief at StartupNation. If you feel like your pitch is going to be more of an ad than helpful material, then email your idea to [email protected] for further detail.

12. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is one of the most influential news brands in the tech industry. The resource delivers exceptional startup news, funding announcements, product launches, and industry trends. The blog has a colossal fan base of over 10 million subscribers on Facebook and Twitter with one quarter being decision-makers and is a holy grail every entrepreneur wishes to get featured in.

When it comes to TechCrunch, start with reaching Aisha Malik (reporter on a wide range of topics), or Anita Ramaswamy whose focus is crypto and fintech startups.

13. The Next Web

The Next Web is one of the most known tech blogs which covers news on technology, business, and startups in Europe. The resource has nearly 1.7 million social media fans on Facebook and Twitter. The resource itself claims its audience to be very influential, which, coupled with an international perspective on The Next Web’s content, makes the resource highly advised for getting featured there.

If you’re looking to get mentioned on TNW, consider reaching out to Abhimanyu Ghoshal, the Managing Editor at The Next Web.

14. VentureBeat

VentureBeat is a blog that claims to offer unparalleled insight into the most relevant emerging technologies, trends, companies, and the business opportunities that they create. Speaking in layman terms, the blog is indeed great at delivering innovation news, startup funding, and entrepreneurship coverage. The resource has more than 710K followers on Facebook and Twitter and around 2.4 million monthly unique visitors, who are business decision-makers, market leaders, and tech professionals.

If you’d like to reach out to VentureBeat, first check out their guest posting guidelines. Then go to the list of reporters and reach out personally to the one that works with the relevant business niche.

15. Wired

Wired is a blog that covers disruptive innovation, gadgets, and hardware, delivering great insights into the future of business, culture and science. Wired has more than 10 million subscribers on Facebook and Twitter with 17.0M unique views a month and 12% of the readership being top management officials. This, in turn, makes Wired a must-consider resource for the promotion of your startup.

If you want to submit a pitch on Wired, check the guidelines and contact the relevant reporter from the list. If you want to share an op-ed, see the recommendations here and send your draft to [email protected].

To sum it up

Reaching out to resources that provide tech startup coverage and their respective writers might not be an easy task and getting to know the latter on Twitter and Facebook can increase your chances of getting featured drastically.

Moreover, we suggest you investigate reporters who have covered your competitors before. That might be an indicator of their interest in your field of activities and provide you with an opportunity to easily shortlist potential candidates.

Also, make sure to check out HARO, a useful resource that may help you connect with journalists looking for a pitch.

So, here’s our list of 15 blogs that can give you tech startup coverage and we wish you good luck with your endeavor! Think we might have missed someone? Let us know in the comments below.