5 Helpful Tips for Working from Home

5 Tips for Staying Productive While You're Working From Home | Time

Working from home can have its pitfalls. Your time and space at home are unstructured. It can be hard to be productive. Here are some tips to help you to succeed when you are working remotely.

Follow a Schedule

Decide when you will start work, take time for lunch, and finish for the day. Following a schedule will help your body to become accustomed to getting up at a certain time every day. A scheduled end time will ensure that you don’t burn out by working too much in one day. Of course, you can be flexible with these times, but a schedule will help you to stay on track.

Keep in Touch with Your Teammates

It is easy to feel isolated when you are working from home. Be sure to reach out to your teammates often, even if it is just to check in. Your team will work better together if you keep the communication lines open.

Dress for Work

Don’t try working in your pajamas. Getting dressed every day will get you in the right frame of mind for work. You will be more productive, and you will be ready when it is time for a video call.

Get Out of the House

Leave your house occasionally. Take a walk and get some fresh air. It is good for your health and your morale. You could even eat your lunch outside in your garden or in a nearby park if the weather is good.

Return Calls and Emails Promptly

You are not in the office, so your colleagues don’t know what you are working on. Answering your emails and returning calls in a timely manner will go far toward maintaining a professional image. If everyone is working from home, they could be more impatient than usual, too. If you often need to delay your answers, talk to your team and set expectations ahead of time.

It will take time to get used to working remotely. Be kind to yourself, and develop some new habits. Soon, you will be productively working from home.