Best Chicken Casserole (+ Fav Chicken Casserole Recipes)

spoon in chicken and rice casserole dish

You know when you have “nothing to eat?” That’s when you make a chicken casserole recipe! Today we’re sharing all of our very best chicken casserole inspo + our best chicken casserole ever that you’re going to absolutely love.

What is Chicken Casserole?

A chicken casserole is when you cook all parts of your chicken meal in a baking dish. Usually, the ingredients you use in your chicken casserole are uncooked for a quick “throw everything into a dish and bake it” kind of meal. Typically a chicken casserole includes 4 parts: 

  • Grain: pasta or rice
  • Chicken: breast or thighs
  • Vegetables: all kinds!
  • Sauce: cheese sauce, roux, etc.

From midwestern chicken and rice casserole to creative Asian-inspired casseroles like orange chicken casserole, we are huge fans of taking classic chicken dinners and turning them into casseroles.

Like I mentioned above, most chicken casserole dishes that you’ll find on FFF use raw ingredients so you can toss everything into your baking dish and bake it. None of that hour+ prep time!

Take Chicken Tikka Masala for instance. You’re going to serve that with some kind of vegetable and grain, so why not make a Chicken Tikka Masala Casserole?

prepping chicken casserole in pan

What kind of dish should I bake my casserole in?

First things first, let’s talk casserole dishes! Our chicken casserole recipes call for ceramic casserole dishes and let me tell you, there is a difference between that and a baking pan. Casserole dishes are like cast iron pans in that they bake things more evenly and faster than a normal metal baking pan.

We much prefer to use a ceramic casserole dish for our chicken casserole recipes for this exact reason. However, no fear if you don’t have one! A baking pan or a dutch oven also works great.