Cheap Cell Phone Service – What The Major Carriers Don’t Want You To Know

Where would we be without our cell phone? It seems like we cannot function without them. The mobile phone industry has come a long way since they were first introduced in the early 1980’s. Back then, mobile phones were large, expensive and didn’t do much. The first mobile phones only allowed you to talk. Imagine that. In less than 20 years, they have evolved to the point where they are functioning as personal computers, so much so that they are hardly used for what they were originally designed for… talking.

As the cell phone industry has evolved and the demand for them have increased, the prices have decreased. The standards for how we get service has changed. There used to only be a few carriers that offered service. The customer would sign a two-year contract and buy a phone at a subsidized price. If the customer decided for any reason that they needed to break the contract, the mobile phone company would charge them a hefty fee. In that two-year contract, the customer pays the price for monthly service. What they don’t know is that the price for monthly service increased for two years to cover the subsidized price of the phone they buy. Sometimes the company will make almost 3 times the cost of the phone for that two-year contract. For example, the new iPhone costs $600 to buy it and not enter a contract with the company but with a two-year contract, you will only pay $99 for the equipment. Your monthly service costs $130 per month for two years. The company makes $3120 from you. Your phone service only costs them about $30 per month. That’s $720 for a two-year period. Minus the cost of the phone, $600, the company profited $2400. This is why contract prices for mobile phone service is so expensive compared to month to month service.

In an economy where everyone is looking to save money, finding the cheapest cell phone plan is the way to go. Pre-paid service is the cheapest way to have service. The customer pays for the phone without getting a subsidy from the company. The customer gets the same quality of service. The customers pays fraction of the cost for service had it been through a major carrier with a contract. The major carriers are now leasing their towers to carriers that offer pre-paid cell service. For the customer, cheap cell phone service does not mean inferior quality. It makes sense to get the same thing for half the price.

best cell phone service coverage in Michigan – enTouch Wireless is available with the major carriers that offer great coverage. The customer is not getting a deal when the cell phone is a lower price when signing a contract. The customer is paying for that cell phone at least 2 times over the course of the contract. Weigh your options before signing your life away for a cell phone.