Common Causes of Data Loss in Companies

4 of the Most Common Causes of Data Loss in Businesses | Finchum's Computer  Services

One of the many problems that companies face today is the loss of data and important documents related to their work. This is out of the modern way of storage through computers other than the traditional way of bookkeeping. Most of the computers and other devices that the companies own have ample storage to accommodate large files sent from the departments that the company holds. See more info to be informed on the causes of data loss and how they can be managed.

Human error

Not all IT services departments work with strict supervision. This may lead to the leaking of essential security details regarding the company that may affect some services. It would be necessary for every organization to make their workers on the different ways that data loss would happen. This can be done by outsourcing professional help from a well-knowledgeable service provider. Cloud backup services Dallas is an example of a good IT service for your data restoration. Your employees should be informed on the cloud infrastructure components as well. This includes; servers, storage devices, and deployment software; how each affects IT, services should be well cleared out. Cloud infrastructure Dallas Offers the most exemplary support to their clients.


If you have been outsourcing unreliable out-house IT services, it is essential to note that it would be of high risk to your data. Cybercrime is referred to as illegal access of a company’s data by a third party. When not handled, the data loss would be used maliciously without your knowledge. There are different things that you can do to prevent cybercrimes.

  1. Updating the company’s software
  2. Managing social media settings
  3. Using strong passwords
  4. Rely on one IT service provider


There are many ways that viruses can affect your data or the overall computer. This can be caused by a link or images that pop on your screen now and then. Clicking to that link would lead to losing your data through the virus. There are many ways that you can keep your computer safe from viruses;

  1. Using a firewall
  2. Avoid browsing pirated content
  3. Avoid clicking on unusual attachments and links
  4. Browse the internet safely

Software and hard drive failure

One of the most common computer repair services is replacing the hard drive. Once it crashes, it causes loss of data which may be even difficult to retrieve. The hard drives store different types of data; documents, programs, pictures, music, and videos. This storage feature stores content depending on its size. Hard drive failure is caused by heat, water damage, power issues as well as firmware corruption. Your computer repairs professional should choose the best data recovery method should the hard drive encounter failure.

Power outage 

Choosing the best way to store and save your data to ensure that it is not lost should be practiced when the power goes out. You should ensure that every file is saved adequately before you shut the computer as well. Having another source of energy is always essential to incase the power goes out at the wrong timing.

There are different ways that a company can ensure that their data and other information are safe, as experienced above. Looking for a reliable IT service provider should not be compromised too; this is to ensure that every service usually is running in the organization.