How to Train A Friend in Online Rummy Card Games?

One of the simplest games to learn and teach when it comes to card games is Indian rummy. The rules governing the game are simple and easy to learn. If you plan to train a friend in online rummy gaming, here are some simple ways to assist them:

Teach Them the Basic Rules of Rummy Card Game

Before you tell your friends to go for 13 card rummy game free download for android, you must revise the basic rules governing the rummy card game for them to know. Give them a gist of the different things to keep in mind while playing a game of rummy online or offline. Here we have listed out these rules for your quick reference:

  • Number of cards distributed: As there are many diverse variants of rummy, you need to explain number of cards that will be distributed in the particular variant you are teaching. Since 13 cards rummy game is the most commonly accepted variant, it is best to start teaching that variant to a newbie player.
  • Joker types: There are three main types of jokers used in rummy card game. Explain the difference between joker cards, blank cards and pulled out jokers so that the player understand the use of each very well.
  • Types of sets and sequences: You must also take time to explain the difference between sets and sequences. Tell the player that a sequence is formed by arranging the cards in ascending or descending order of their values while the sign is the same for all cards. Explain the basic difference from melds stating that melds are formed by combining different cards of the same value but of different signs. Try to explain the use of jokers to complete melds and artificial sequences.
  • Disposed pile: Explain to your friend the significance of the disposed pile. Explain to them how the cards you dispose can give a hint about the cards in your hand and the sequences you plan to make. You can never hope to win indian rummy online games unless you understand the relevance of disposed pile.
  • Life: In the game of rummy, when the natural and real sequences are formed, it is said that life is made. Every gamer first tries to create life and then make melds or sets.

Teach Them the Difference Between Offline Playing and Online Interface

Most players who have played the game offline think it is just the same to play online. However, there are a few differences in gaming when you play online and offline. Explain the difference in interfaces and how the moves are timed in online gaming. Explain how to play your turn or pass the move in online gaming. This will help them understand online gaming better.

Help Them Understand How to Play with Practice Chips

Playing your favourite rummy card game with real chips is the last stage. Before that, you must take time and teach the players how they can play with practice chips without spending a single penny. Let them practice the game well. Once you are sure they have understood all the nuances of the game, you may go ahead and encourage them to play with real chips.

Explain Through Example

It is true that stating the rules to a game will give a newbie rough idea regarding the game. Yet, to get a clearer picture, one needs to see through proper example. You can show the game to your friend by playing it in his presence.

Show Them Online Gaming Videos to Give A Better Idea

Some people do not understand even when you play in front of them. This is when you need to show videos related to online real money earning games. The videos created by Khelplay Rummy are self-explanatory and give you a clear picture. They help you understand how to play the game online.

Give Tips to Prevent Gaming Addiction

While you introduce a friend to online gaming, it becomes your duty to warn them regarding gaming addiction and its hazards. You may also tell them how to avoid getting addicted to such games.

Once They Have Understood All Previous Tips, Introduce Them to Real Cash Playing

The last stage is of real cash playing. You can help them create an online account for real cash playing. You can also explain how the money should be deposited and how they can get money by winning tournaments.

Monitor for A While Before Allowing Independent Play

Spend some time to monitor their gaming. Once you know they play well, you can leave them to enjoy  gaming.