How Your Business Can Give Back To Your Community

6 Ways Businesses Can Give Back to the Community · Formstack Blog

The success of your company can be passed on to those in your area that are less fortunate than you. There are several options available year round for the members of your corporation to provide their time and talents to help others. Here are a few ways your business can give back to your community.

Encourage Your Staff To Volunteer

There are many organizations that can use you and your staff’s help to accomplish their objectives. Much like David Johnson Cane Bay Partners does, when these opportunities present themselves, encourage your employees to get involved. One way to do this is to offer paid time off to volunteer with the charity. They will be more likely to give their talents if they are being compensated to do so. This can become a planned team-building exercise that involves everyone employed by you. You can work at a soup kitchen or clean up a river together as a group and learn more about each other as you do

Find an Organization To Contribute To

Providing a financial contribution to an organization in your company’s name is another way you can help in your community. You can do this with the proceeds of a special sale or by holding a fundraiser with your customers. You can also encourage your staff to give their funds to their favorite charity by offering to match what they donate. Coordinate with your HR and payroll departments to determine what the easiest process would be to accomplish this.

Promote Them On the Internet

You can post about the organizations that you are working with on your social media accounts and your webpage. This allows the customers who search for you to see information about them as well. Send out reminders to your clients about any fundraisers or work projects that they may need assistance with. Remember to add their address, phone, and link their website with every entry that you make so that they can be contacted by anyone who is interested.

Support the Scientists

Another option for you to consider is to give your money towards the research and development that scientists do in their field of study. This can be a benefit to you if the work that they do helps your industry. This can be done through monetary donations or by providing them with the computers and equipment that they require. Contributing in this fashion can help your business grow and gives the image that you are a future thinking corporation hoping to make life better for everyone.

Host a Donation Drive

Invite the community to bring items into your location and drop them off for the charity you choose to partner with. This works well if you have several storefronts for them to go to. You will need to find out what items are required for the people who will receive them then publicize this information to the public. It gives a central area for products to be deposited then picked up by representatives of the organization.