Realities of an Outdoor Wedding

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Having an outdoor wedding is a great idea: The natural scenery makes for amazing photography, and if it’s a nice day, then the beautiful sunshine can put everyone in a better mood. However, prepare yourself for the realities of hundreds of people gathered in one spot outside; when poorly planned, outdoor weddings can go to hell in a handbasket in no time at all. Prevent yours from being one such wedding.


When you gotta go, you gotta go. If there are no bathrooms at your selected venue, then you need to change that pronto! Imagine poor Grandma having to find a bush to use in the middle of the reception. Check out options like Porta-Potties or festival restroom trailers to prevent your guests from turning into bears when the time comes.

Mother Nature

Mild climate or not, the weather likes to do its own thing on the most important days. In case there’s an issue with rain, wind or another weather surprise, have a backup plan. Does your venue have an indoor option, or can you rent event tents to have on-site?

Uninvited Guests

Don’t let bees, mosquitoes and other critters become party-crashers. Be sure to do a sweep of the area before even setting up to be sure that it’s clear of nests or habitats. Leave a basket of travel-sized bug spray bottles available for guests to grab as they enter — this is a handy tip that goes further than you think.

As you plan the day of your dreams, don’t forget about the more practical aspects of it. You want your wedding day to be memorable, but not for the wrong reasons! Preparation ahead of time is what will make the difference between a well-done outdoor wedding and one that your guests wish they had replied “with regrets” on their RSVP.