Top 15 Tech News Websites That You Need to Follow in 2019

Tech news Website

In this age of modern technology, where gadgets and digital apps get created by the day, change is the only constant. In order to keep up with the latest, you need to always scan for new information, and soak up the latest news and insights. However, your time for all this is limited, and no one can possibly know or keep track of everything. Fortunately, there are a number of high-quality resources out there that give you all this information in a concise manner and are authoritative and reliable. Here, for example, is a great list of the best tech-related websites that you should absolutely bookmark right now.

#1 Mashable:

Mashable associates itself with not just tech but everything that is related to technology news: gadgets, science, culture, entertainment, business, and more. With plenty of rolling-in content, you would always be in the know of things when it comes to the latest tech news.

#2 The Verge:

The Verge does not limit itself to tech and is deeply diverse. Splitting their topics into various categories, it is the technology section where you would probably do most of your reading. With clearly segmented units, it’s an absolutely easy task to find the relevant content that you are interested to read be it anything from cars to techno-culture.

#3 TechCrunch:

Considered amongst the most popular and well-known sites for their high-quality information. Tech Crunch provides news for the latest gadgets to the most happening technology. Their specialty? Provide news on startups and related event launches, often exclusively. TechCrunch also is the leader when it comes to the online tech blog and media content.

#4 Digital Trends:

This is one of the largest repositories of technology, computer gaming devices, and lifestyle guides, packed with all sorts of information. Digital Trends cover tech news in a wide array of product categories. And, their standout section is the product reviews one, where they cover everything from earphones to camera etc.

#5 Term Sheet:

If you are interested in the finance side of tech, then this is surely the site to visit. Managed by Fortune, Term Sheet presents a daily dose of fundraising, venture capital deals, IPO’s and related industry information.

#6 The Information:

When you want The Information and want it deep, look no further, as this is the place to be. With their long-form content and thorough analysis, you are bound to get yourself immersed with a variety of information in the tech industry and be absolutely better informed than the rest.

#7 The Next Web: 

While this was actually launched to promote their own event that they were hosting, The Next Web soon became a hub for all sorts of technology news, events, conferences, deals, and even a market intelligence platform. Highly recommended as a must visit website for next-gen gadgets and other tech-related reading.

#8 VentureBeat:

Obsessed with covering amazing technology, VentureBeat has all the information that tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and executives need. They are a bunch of devoted folks who provide exhaustive coverage when it comes to technology.

#9 Wired:

Almost a household name of sorts when it comes to technology news, Wired is the 3rd most popular media in the technology circles. It publishes helpful guides related to emerging technologies and how it impacts our lives. This is overall a very a well-organized site which delivers a lot of high-quality content for each section.

#10 Gizmodo:

With Gizmodo, there’s no shortage of tech- content. It is one of the best online portals for gadget freaks. Focusing mainly on news related to gadgets, guides, and tutorials, you are sure to find an honest opinion on whether a specific device is meriting enough or just hype.

#11 MakeUseOf:

Overwhelmed? Don’t be, anymore! MakeUseOf comes to your rescue by simplifying the otherwise confusing tech world. They describe themselves as the guide to modern tech, and they’re right: you can learn a lot by picking up a free ebook to choosing the best router or even how to use Snapchat effectively from their well laid out sections.

#12 TechRadar:

Want to know more about “How To” learn awesome tips and tricks to get more out of your tech gadgets. TechRadar is the site to watch out for. Touted as one of the best sources for tech buying advice, there is always plenty of news and reviews on TechRadar.

#13 Business Insider: 

A fast-growing deep business site with an emphasis on financial, media, tech and other industry verticals. Business Insider is a site that is followed by many entrepreneurs who are happy to share their knowledge of valuable lessons learned on various social channels.

#14 Recode:

Recode enjoys the lion’s share of well-informed and revered journalists in the technology and media space. It is one of the best sources for unbiased tech reviews and analysis. And when you want to read nothing but the best this is surely one of the top sites to visit.

#15 Futurism: 

If you enjoy reading about science and technology, then Futurism is the one for you. They have a range of topics starting with the future of humanity, to AI, virtual reality, and renewable energy. If you are a visual learner then Futurism infographics are the best to understand a complex technology which is presented in a lucid manner

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