YouTube’s video player getting new look on Android, iOS

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Google-owned video streaming giant YouTube is rolling out a new interface for its mobile app’s full-screen player, which should make it easier to like or dislike a video and view comments.

The old version hid most of those features behind a swipe-up gesture on the “more videos” section, where the new version puts them front and center, relegating related videos to a button in the corner, reports The Verge. The change only shows up when users are watching in full screen — the app looks largely the same when users are watching a video in portrait mode.

Doing so, however, used to come with the upside of having easy access to the share button and other controls. Now, users are getting that when watching in landscape view as well, the report said.

Users are also now able to easily access the mode that lets them see comments alongside the video while in the landscape.

Before the new UI, users had to tap on the comment section while in portrait mode to open it up, then switch into full-screen mode. Now, they can pull them up by tapping the comment button.

The new UI is coming to both iOS and Android and started rolling out Monday, according to Google spokesperson Allison Toh.