11 Ideas For Gaming Blogs That Would Help You To Prevent Writer’s Block

If you’re running a blog about gaming, whether it be console games or PC games or even smartphone games, it’s fairly normal for a writer’s block to occur. Most people can’t write continuously for months or years without stumbling or finding themselves in a dead end with no topics in mind.

What should you do then?

Worry not. I’ve written this ‘guide’ or article to give you ideas on how to continue writing which may actually gain you more followers and eventually more traffic to your blog.

Let’s get started.

Here are some ideas for gaming blogs if you have a writer’s block.

1. Gaming Reviews


This one’s a no-brainer. One of the most common themes of gaming blogs are reviews. Why are game reviews so popular?

There are lots of gamers out there who will reach out to these blogs to decide whether they want to buy or rent a game or not. This means that there are a lot of potential earnings to be made.

You can monetise game review blogs by using affiliate links. If you write well, others might be tempted to buy games through your affiliate links and you get paid. Check out Kotaku’s reviews.

2. Walkthrough

If you’re an expert in games, particularly popular ones, writing walkthroughs are especially helpful for beginners and those who are stuck somewhere in the game.

For instance, there are walkthroughs on how to collect all of the horseshoes in Grand Theft Auto.

It brings a lot of traffic if you write great walkthroughs on popular games.

3. Comparisons

You can always do comparisons on consoles in your gaming blog, for e.g. the differences between PS 3 and PS 4.

You can also do comparisons on new games and their predecessors, e.g. whether Final Fantasy XV is better than the previous installments.

Cross-console comparisons are popular as well, i.e. whether the XBox is better as a gaming console in comparison with PS 4.

4. Top 10s

Why not endeavor in coming up with a list of games that make the top 10 games for the year?

There is bound to be a lot of disagreements among gamers as to which game is the best and which is not.

Give your opinions and allow others to engage in a friendly discussion. It also allows newbies to know what are the popular games to look out for.

5. Upcoming games

Do your readers a favor. Read up on the latest games that are going to be released and among them, write about the most anticipated games which will be released in the coming months or years.

This way, your readers will always check for updates on your blog and you will have more returning visitors.

6. Nostalgic games

Write a list of games that will certainly spark nostalgic feelings among your readers, especially childhood games.

Games like Mario and Crash Bandicoot would definitely be in the memory of most people from the 90s.

If it resonates with them, they won’t hesitate to share your article in Facebook or Twitter or whichever platform they use. I’ve written a list of nostalgic games as well.

7. Professional gamers

Nowadays, gaming is considered as a sport on its own. Professional gamers are making more money than those working in a regular 9-5 job in an office. Why not write an article on how much pro-gamers earn?

Some games like Dota 2 especially, have competitions that are so prestigious with millions of dollars on the line.

Look at the prize pool for the recent Dota 2 competition called “The International“.

Aspiring pro-gamers or even regular gamers will find it inspiring to know how much they earn and also how much effort they have invested in gaming.

8. Competitions

Flowing from number #7, you can write updates about the latest gaming competitions in town, for instance, CS GO, Overwatch, Dota 2 or even FIFA competitions.

It’s a great way to create awareness of your blog to readers and potentially gain more followers.

9. Underrated games

You can even write about games that are pretty unknown to the masses but you’ve played it and you liked it. A lot.

If you have came across such games, spread the word to others. Let others appreciate games that should have been more popular.

10. Overrated games

On the contrary with number #9, there are games which are vastly popular and you think they actually suck; why not publish your opinion to say how bad it is.

It’s controversial and it may lead to more engagements with your blog visitors. If they can relate to you; congrats. You’ve earned more followers.

11. Start a forum

Why not start a forum specifically for gaming? If you have a good hosting for your website, you can always build a forum by yourself (or hire someone to do it) and promote it to get users.

A successful forum is a gold mine for advertising and you may potentially earn a full-time income.

In a nutshell

There are many ways to write a gaming blog. Each of the items listed above can be used to churn out many blog posts.

There are blogs based on reviews alone, so it’s really up to you to decide which direction to pursue. All the best!