20 topics for your financial blog

If you feel frustrated by coming up with topics for your financial blog, the journalist’s five Ws and one H can help. Below I share a list of 20 topics inspired by the five Ws and one H.

As you brainstorm topics, think about how you can solve problems for members of your target audience. This will make your posts relevant to them. For help with this, read “WHAT PROBLEM does this blog post solve for them?”

5 W's and 1 H infographic

Table of Contents


  • Why I blog—remember to focus on your readers as you write about yourself. I aimed for that in “Why I write for you.”
  • Why I manage money the way I do
  • Why I became a financial planner or an investment manager
  • Why I changed my mind about a topic important to how I help clients
  • Why investors should pay less attention to financial news


  • Who can you trust with your money?
  • Who should inherit your wealth?


  •  What do you want?—ask your readers what they’d like to learn about on your blog
  • What is most important for the success of your investments or financial plan?
  • What is the biggest risk to your financial success?


  • When should you retire or start collecting Social Security?
  • When are ready to buy a house?


  • Where in the world should you invest?
  • Where should you custody your assets?


  • How to go broke—sometimes writing about what not to do can be powerful
  • How to pick a financial advisor or investment manager
  • How to pick a mutual fund or ETF
  • How to create a portfolio for the long run
  • How to deal with the stock market’s ups and downs
  • How to protect yourself against inflation