3 Reasons Why Planes Are Awesome

Airplanes are incredible. They give us the ability to fly over land and sea, and they are used for all kinds of things. Whether you are in the military, have a need to travel or are going somewhere for work, airplane travel is the preferred way to get places. Here are three foundational reasons why planes are cool.

1. They Let Us Travel Faster Than Ever Before

Before the invention of the airplane, it took a lot longer to travel. Trains, boats and cars were considered the best forms of travel. Today, you can travel across the world in a matter of hours. This incredible technology allows people from all over the world to travel new lands and to do it a lot faster. It makes it possible for actors, business partners and travelers to get to the places they need to go in a day rather than in a week or a month.

2. Every Part Matters

If you’ve ever helped build a plane before, you may have realized how important even the smallest parts of the plane are to keep the plane in the air. Especially in the military, it’s very important that every part is working properly. Military fasteners distributors take a lot of care to create quality parts that last years. So next time you’re on a plane, remember how even the smallest parts you can’t see are doing their jobs to help you get into the air.

3. They Are Everywhere

Did you know that there are thousands of planes in the air at the same time? The FAA handles thousands of planes each day and keeps everything running smoothly. Who knew that so many people would be flying every day?

Airplanes have changed the way people travel, and they are a huge part of the economy. As the world continues to become more integrated globally, airplanes will have a steady role.