Clothing Choices To Support a Successful Concealed Carry

One of the most important things to learn about carrying a concealed firearm is how to maintain that concealment. Even if you select the perfect firearm that feels natural to you and minimizes added weight to your other bags and gear, you need to have the accessories and clothes that make it possible to maintain concealment unless you choose to make the presence of your weapon known. Maintaining concealment is important from a legal perspective because the laws governing concealed and open carry are different. It’s also important from a safety standpoint. Understanding the best clothes for concealed carry is the first step.

Clothing To Hide a Holster

Choosing the right clothes to hide your holster is the key to a low-key carry that maintains your concealment in your day to day routine. Choices with a little extra coverage to hide a holster around the waist or ankle should also be loose enough that reaching under them for your firearm is natural. Some clothing manufacturers make a tactical cut for traditional business slacks, and there’s a reason so many federal law enforcement agents wear suits. A traditional business suit for either gender provides a lot of options for a well-hidden carry.

Working With Tight Clothing

If your clothes don’t give you the opportunity to hide a holster, then your other accessible option is to carry in a handbag or messenger bag. There are a variety of tactical purses, handbags, and courier’s satchels designed for that purpose, but you don’t necessarily need a tactical bag if you find one with an accessible compartment for your firearm that doesn’t impede its usefulness as a regular bag. The challenge to carrying in an accessory is that you need to keep it on you for security reasons, so it’s a poor choice in any situation where you will be required to check your bag or open it for inspection. For that reason, even with a tactical accessory bag, the best clothing choices for your concealed carry will always be ones with a little more room to hide the firearm on your person.