CES 2022: Sony launches first Quantum Dot OLED Smart TV, new mini-LED TVs

Sony surprised everyone with its latest TV announcements at CES 2022. Beating Samsung, Sony launched the world’s first consumer Quantum Dot OLED TV, or QD-OLED TV, alongside a bunch of other televisions.

What is it with Samsung, though?

That is because Sony has been using the OLED panels from LG Display all this time, but the panels for Sony’s QD-OLED TVs come from none other than Samsung – the company that has been rumoured to launch its own QD-OLED TVs at CES 2022, but nothing has happened so far. Samsung has been working on QD-OLED panels for a long time, but right ahead of their debut on the company’s own televisions, Sony stole the show.

The QD-OLED panels in the new Sony Bravia XR A95K TV are sort of a middle ground between the standard OLED and MicroLED, which itself is a middle-ground between OLED and LCD panel technologies. Consider it a new variation in display technology that could allow companies to offer the best-in-class picture quality without having to go through issues with using OLED displays.

So, if this is the middle step, what does the QD-OLED panel exactly bring to the table?

The QD-OLED panels retain the infinite blacks, contrast, and colour richness of OLED panels, along with the goodness of quantum dot LED panels, such as better brightness and enhanced colour reproduction at high brightness levels. It is not really a major breakthrough, like the MicroLEDs, in the world of display technology, but yet an important step in the right direction.

The flagship model has a variable refresh rate, features such as Auto HDR Tone Mapping that the PlayStation 5 consoles can take advantage of in high-graphics games. Sony is using Google TV interface for its TVs for 2022, which means you get the latest software on them. But the most interesting feature would be the stand, which is one-of-its-kind and can either bring the TV panel to the front of the stand or the back of it. The ports are easily located on the backside, allowing for a fuss-free experience.