Get your computer running faster with help from these apps

Make sure everything is working efficiently.

TL;DR: Declutter your laptop with CleanMyMac X or CleanMyPC for $67.99, a 24% savings as of March 10.

It’s about time for some spring cleaning — and we don’t just mean for your house. While you’ve got the declutter bug, you might as well get rid of all the junk on your computer too because chances are, it’s in need of a serious deep cleaning. Remember back when it was brand new and ran as fast as Lamar Jackson? Been a while, eh?

No worries. You can bring your Mac or PC back from the dead with a little help from CleanMyMac X or CleanMyPC. Basically, instead of you going in and manually sorting through every file, photo, video, cache, download, or log, (which would take days) this software does all the work for you. It dusts all the corners of your computer, shows you all the extra weight you can cut, and with a single click, removes it all. That includes outdated caches, broken downloads, useless localizations, unneeded or old files, apps you haven’t opened in years, and more.

Beyond just cleaning, this program can also help you fight off malware, adware, ransomware, and all the other harmful wares. It’s like a crime-fighting superhero that also loves to clean. Who can’t get on board with that?

A thorough cleaning session with this software can help you reclaim up to five times more disk space and run four times faster. Plus, once you purchase it, you’ll get all future versions and can run it regularly to keep things in working order.

Usually, the CleanMyMac X and CleanMyPC software cost $89.95 a piece for a subscription on one device. But in honor of spring cleaning, you can slash that price down to just $67.99. Whether you’re a devoted Mac user or a PC fanatic, a good clean up can really make all the difference.