The Origin of Wearing Earrings

Did you know earrings were once a predominately male jewellery choice? Earrings have remained popular for more than 7000 years, and originated in ancient Asia.

Egyptians would once wear earrings to signify the fact they were wealthy or of a higher class. However, in ancient Rome, earrings were worn only by slaves, and in ancient Greece by prostitutes. Those in Rome and Greece that were wealthy would also wear earrings set with pearls and other expensive stones to display their social status.

The Origin of Wearing Earrings

The middle ages in Europe saw male earrings alternate between being popular and out of fashion. However, in the 13th Century, the Catholic Church banned the piercing of ears in accordance with the dogma; stating that people cannot alter their bodies created in the image of God. It was then that earrings became popular amongst thieves, pirates and the lower class.

It was not long after the renaissance that people deterred from the rules of the Church. Pierced ears would be present on young boys of single mothers whose husband has been killed, and on the right ear of the only boy in the family. A man who wore earrings on both ears was the last of his family line and would therefore not be allowed to participate in times of war, for fear that his family name would disappear forever.

Over time, earrings have become less popular amongst men and more so amongst women. Many women choose to wear different types of earrings with the purpose of complementing their face and accentuating outfit choices. For example, long earrings tend to elongate the face and neck whereas earrings that feature geometric shapes tend to sharpen the features. Young boys often choose to pierce one ear and sometimes both, usually opting for a small stud.

Today, piercings are hugely popular amongst men and women not only in the earlobes, but on other parts of the ear and the body. Here at Cuttings, we have some beautiful earrings currently in stock. Take a look at these stunning 18ct diamond cluster earrings and for the more adventurous, these platinum art deco drop earrings.